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New Documentary on Netflix Highlights Hope in the World's Water Crisis

SUEZ-Sponsored Documentary Spreads Inspiring Message

A globe-spanning documentary spotlighting the innovators and pioneers solving the world’s water crisis is available on Netflix starting today.

Brave Blue World, for which SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions is a production partner, educates the public on the significant water challenges faced by communities across the world, and presents a hopeful view of humanity’s ability to rise to the occasion, globally and locally.  

"It’s easy to become alarmed and anxious about the state of the global environment. Climate change and urbanization are exacerbating water challenges like long-term scarcity, poor water quality, and cycles of drought and flooding," said Ralph Exton, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer for SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions. "What’s exciting about Brave Blue World is its sense of optimism and hope. Every water challenge has a solution."

The film, narrated by actor Liam Neeson, features cameos from Matt Damon and Jaden Smith. It follows executive producer Paul O’Callaghan as he travelled to five continents to capture the stories of people creating new solutions to water challenges. In Kenya the team shows how a children’s home produces 50 liters of water from ambient humidity; in India, a textile factory meets 90% of its water needs with recycled water; and in the U.S., experts at NASA show how water is recycled in space.

Vinod Ramachandran, Global Open Innovation Leader for SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions and   one of the experts featured in the film, discusses technology advancements in desalination and water reuse that are helping to solve the world’s toughest water and wastewater challenges.

“Netflix distribution means that a broader audience will hear this documentary’s inspiring message,” said Exton. “It’s exciting to see a film that shows people at the community level and at the business level overcoming barriers to create a secure water future.”

Watch Brave Blue World starting today, October 21, 2020, on Netflix.


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