Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions
Teresa Ortigosa

Teresa Ortigosa

Global Sustainability Director

Teresa Ortigosa is the Global Sustainability Director at Veolia Water Technologies and Solutions. In this role, she is responsible for developing and implementing the company sustainability strategy,  leading and overseeing the company's progress on sustainability, and providing cross-functional support to achieve our multiple stakeholder targets on decarbonization, depollution, and resource recovery.
Teresa joined Veolia in 2015 as a Product Manager for Circular Economy Technologies. Then, she worked as a Strategic Marketing leader for Solutions and markets with high Sustainability Value.
Prior to joining Veolia, Teresa worked for eight years in the wind energy industry, holding various international business development roles, and seven years as an Energy consultant and Environmental manager for the transportation industry.
Teresa holds a Master's Degree in Energy and Environment Engineering and an Executive Master's in Creative Process and Innovation.