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Improve operational efficiency while maintaining consistent product taste and smell

Veolia engineers and manufactures Ingredient Water Systems that meet multiple SKU product specifications while maintaining an industry-leading water-use-ratio. Process Solutions involve technology that optimizes the beverage being produced.

Veolia provides full utility water systems for use in boilers, cooling towers, pasteurization tunnels and condensers. Treating final effluent for compliant discharge to the environment or recovering final effluent for reuse within the plant allows for maximized water savings.


Water and process solutions for the beverage processing industry

For more than half a century, we have provided beverage processing plants with state-of-the-art Ingredient Water treatment systems that can improve operational efficiency, boost uptime, improve water efficiency, and lower energy costs.

Most beverage plants' byproduct is strongly biodegradable wastewater with a high content of organic and inorganic materials. Veolia offers an innovative set of technologies to enable safe wastewater reuse and regulatory compliance.

As experts in water treatment, we offer solutions that encompass water reuse and conservation throughout your operations, optimize existing water production, and design and construct new energy efficient and environmentally friendly water treatment processes.

Veolia’s beverage solutions provide ingredient water treatment, utility water treatment, wastewater treatment for discharge or reuse within the facility, mobile water treatment, and operational goods & service contracts. Partnering with Veolia offers::

  • Knowledge of Beverage producers specifications and requirements for production of multiple SKUs. We design and build your entire system.
  • Industry-leading Water-Use-Ratio designs with significant energy savings from Ultra-Low Energy Reverse Osmosis.
  • Automated system operation with maximized system uptime to minimize operator interaction.
  • Comprehensive support of your system over the lifetime of the system with bundled consumables and service contracts.
  • Meet applicable discharge regulations and recover water back to plant utilities and other use points.

Veolia has dedicated applications engineers for the beverage industry. To connect with the appropriate individual, contact us today.

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