Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

Biogas Management

Store and upgrade raw biogas to methane grid quality

Veolia provides solutions for biogas management with the TECON* Double Membrane Gasholder and the MemGas* gas upgrading system.

TECON is used for any application that needs gas storage such as municipal wastewater treatment plants with anaerobic digestion, landfills with biogas usage, industrial wastewater treatment plants, agricultural energy recovery facilities, etc.

MemGas upgrades raw biogas to renewable natural gas for pipeline injection with more than 99% methane recovery. This provides a reliable revenue source.

*Trademark of Veolia; may be registered in one or more countries.

Biogas Management Features

  • TECON Custom-Made Biogas Storage For Wastewater Treatment Plants and Energy Recovery Facilities— The TECON gasholder may be mounted on the ground typically in the form of a ¾ sphere, or mounted on the top of an anaerobic digester or tank functioning as a durable tank cover and storage vessel. Read more here
  • MemGas Membrane System performs a three step process to upgrade raw biogas to gas suitable to inject in the pipeline. The unit guarantees a purification yield of more than 99.5 % over a wide operating range. The compliant biomethane is then directed to the injection station. Read more here.