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Anaerobic Digestion Mixing Products

High efficiency mixing for anaerobic digestion

Trends in anaerobic digestion aim to reduce retention time and increase dry solids concentrations, raising organic loading and improve efficiency. With increased organic loading of digesters, mixing becomes critical to ensure the whole digester volume is available for processing; fresh feed material is mixed uniformly within the reactor; and the biological breakdown products of digestion are dispersed

Mixing Features

Cannon* Mixer - a proven anaerobic digester mixer using large distinct bubbles with more than 90% active mixing volume. The Cannon Mixer combines integral mixing and heating within one tank. The result is a reduction of volatile solids and sludge volume, greater overall gas production, and improved sludge dewatering... 
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AirMix – sludge tank mixing provides guaranteed mixing >90% of tank volume while eliminating the need tank cleanouts...
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Sequential Gas Mixing (SGM) – With > 90% active digester volume, the SGM systems delivers a higher biogas yield and effectively blends feeds with full dispersion in less than 2 hours... 
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Hydromix – with a partnership with Hayward Gordon, Veolia provides pump mixing with Hydromix. HydroMix uses a centrifugal pump to recirculate contents of a tank through strategically installed nozzles within the same tank..
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