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TrueSense* Analyze: Boiler Water Analyzer

A flexible, cost-competitive, digitally enabled platform that directly analyzes low- and medium-pressure boiler system

The TrueSense Analyze platform provides a robust hardware architecture to minimize hands-on maintenance time while aligning online and offline analysis methodologies.

Product Highlight

TrueSense Analyze

TrueSense Analyze is a unique, common, analytical platform that requires a continuous sample of boiler system water for monitoring and control. Online direct analysis of the system sample boiler water is undertaken using photometric methods that align with the routine offline methods used for performance checking.

In addition, a series of inline probes provide additional information on the system's operational performance. The measurements are then used to help the operator, in partnership with the local Veolia team, maintain the highest levels of efficiency, reliability, and output in today’s competitive, performance-based environment. A return on investment can be achieved in key operational areas such as increased steam production, increased fuel efficiency, extending the operational life of the boiler through reduced maintenance and unplanned outages.

Connecting the analyzer to Veolia’s industry-leading InSight* asset performance management platform enables the local team to leverage data and analytics to further maximize productivity and profitability, including in the area of onsite non-productive personnel activities.


Benefits of the TrueSense Analyze boiler water analyzer

  • Maintaining the highest levels of efficiency, reliability, and output in today's competitive, performance-based environment.

  • Increased steam production, increased fuel efficiency, extending the operational life of the boiler through reduced maintenance, and unplanned outages.

  • Optimized boiler water treatment programs can help reduce water use, energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Enhanced plant safety, system reliability, and availability by protecting critical steam-generating assets from damaging waterside scale formation and corrosion.

  • Single-box packaging helps simplify installation and commissioning for fast deployment.


Features of the TrueSense Analyze boiler water analyzer

  • Digital ready - connecting the analyzer to our industry-leading asset performance platform, InSight*, enables you to leverage data and analytics to maximize productivity and profitability, including on-site non-productive personnel activities. 

  • Versatile - can be used as a standalone monitoring and control system or can be integrated into existing hardware, such as PaceSetter* Platinum and third-party systems proprietary equipment.

  • Integration ready - supports our state-of-the-art boiler treatment technology, including the patented and FDA-approved Solus* product line.

  • Applicable across industries - typical market applications include food and beverage, chemical processing, general manufacturing, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, mining, larger commercial and institutional facilities such as universities and hospitals, and boilers where non-intrinsically safe equipment can be utilized.