Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

Gravity Oil/Water Separators

Proven technology to separate oil and solids from water.

For years of reliable service, Veolia's gravity oil/water separators are made with corrosion-resistant material and are prefabricated packaged units, reducing installation cost and time.

poseidon* Gravity Oil/Water Separators Features

Two designs available include: a rectangular API model in flat-bottom or V-bottom versions, and a vertical oil/water separator model with no moving parts.

  • Flow capacities up to 325 m3/h (2500 usgpm)
  • Reduced installation and start-up costs by modular/pre-assembled systems
  • Long service life since units are made with stainless steel grades, such as 316L, Duplex 2205
  • Vertical units can fit into existing installations where space is limited