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DusTreat* Crusting Agents

Protect your stock piles with stronger dust control solutions

DusTreat* crusting agents are especially formulated to control dust from long term and short term storage piles by providing a durable, semi-permanent, rain-resistant surface seal, reducing wind erosion and protecting against atmospheric oxidation.

DusTreat also provides control of fugitive dust emissions from a wide variety of solid materials including coal, limestone, calcined coke, taconite, clinker, ores, flyash, mine tailings and waste materials stored in open piles exposed to the weather.

DusTreat Crusting Agents Features

  • Provides medium to long term control of fugitive dust emissions (>90% dust reduction for many materials)
  • Reduces explosion hazards
  • Reduces inventory losses and pile run off
  • Improves working conditions, community relations, and protect the environment

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Mining sites face countless challenges related to dust, including accidents, operational & health challenges, decreased productivity and CO2 emissions. 
Veolia offers a portfolio of dust control programs as an alternative to the increased usage of water. Veolia's DusTreat includes wetting agents, foam suppressants and binders that reduce dust emissions.