Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

PowerTreat* Coal Dust Control & Suppression

Reduce dusting and oxidation in your power plant

Coal oxidation causes material loss and fuel degradation. To maximize the value of your resources, Veolia's new PowerTreat portfolio helps prevent fugitive dust emissions, improve coal dust control, and promote safe handling practices.

PowerTreat Product Features

  • PowerTreat FD series – foaming agent dust control
  • PowerTreat AD series – antioxidant dust control
  • PowerTreat DA series – agglomerant dust control
  • Reduced dusting from barge or railcar unloading to the plant building - up to 90% less dust during unloading, stack-out and reclamation
  • Significant reduction of oxidation – significantly reduced hot spots, smokers and spontaneous combustion reported at storage piles and silos
  • Effective dust suppression with low moisture addition to the coal. This translates to reduced calorific value penalties.
  • Significant reduction of coal flow problems that result from wet coal conditions

Featured Video

Hear from the floor at PowerGen 2012 as we introduced PowerTreat to the coal market.