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aquaray* 3X UV Disinfection Systems

Energy efficient UV disinfection in a minimized footprint.

The aquaray 3X Vertical Lamp System is designed for larger wastewater plants where energy consumption is of the utmost importance. It offers a high UV dose in a small footprint while providing the degree of disinfection required for even the most stringent of effluents, including wastewater reuse applications.


The aquaray 3X High Output Vertical Lamp Ultraviolet Disinfection System is designed for larger wastewater plants where energy consumption is of the utmost importance. The germicidal effect of the UV light inactivates most microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and parasites, while eliminating the need for dangerous chemicals.

  • Energy conservation: With a combination of variable-output electronic ballasts, highly efficient amalgam lamps and row-by-row lamp switching increments, the aquaray 3X ensures energy conservation by dose pacing based on flow rate.

  • Validated performance: The aquaray 3X has been third party validated and completed strict bioassay testing.

  • Easy maintenance: Due to the vertical design, the aquaray 3X includes easy access to the UV lamps and quartz sleeves (no need to remove the UV module).

  • Save space: To minimize the footprint, the aquaray 3X utilizes Low Pressure High Output Amalgam lamps in a vertical design.

Cleaning System Upgrades

aquaray 3X Cleaning System Upgrades

Keeping your UV system clean is a simple and effective way to improve disinfection performance. Ineffective cleaning hinders UV systems by allowing algae and other substances to build on quartz sleeves. Veolia’s aquaray 3X Cleaning System Upgrades feature newly designed components that increase system lifetime, allow quick replacement of worn parts, and make maintenance easier. 

Split Drive Nut 

The split drive nut is Veolia’s innovative design at the heart of the wiper system. The split drive nut assembly makes it possible to increase the daily wiping frequency without a significant impact on required maintenance time. The split drive nut allows plant operators to change worn components in a fraction of the time previously required. 

Split Wiper

The split wiper is a key component of the aquaray 3X system upgrade that helps simplify UV plant maintenance. The split wiper design makes it easy to quickly change wipers without removing sleeves. The split wipers feature reusable housing clips which also extend the lifetime of the wiper by maintaining pressure on all sides of the quartz sleeve. 

Wiper Plate Stabilizers

Adding the wiper plate stabilizers prolong the lifetime of the wiper drive nut. Wiper plate stabilizers installed at the corners of the wiper plate reduce the effort it takes for the drive nut to travel the plate up and down the quartz sleeves. As a result the drive nut experiences less wear and tear over time.