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Aquaray* HiCAP UV Disinfection Systems

Designed for low profile, large wastewater flows

The Aquaray HiCAP, equipped with high power amalgam UV lamps, is designed for medium to large flow wastewater and reuse applications. The minized footprint of Aquaray hiCAP makes it ideal for retrofitting existing chlorine contact basins.


Aquaray HiCAP Overview The Aquaray HiCAP UV Disinfection System is designed for high capacity wastewater treatment plants where reduced footprint and cost of ownership are paramount. The Aquaray HiCAP incorporates the newest innovations in a cost competitive package.

Main Characteristics

  • Adapted for high flow applications
  • Low UVT - high UV does applications
  • Highest lamp UVC output in the market
  • Lowest lamp count resulting in the smallest design footprint in the UV industry
  • Vertical configuration for ease of operation and maintenance


  • Wastewater
  • Wastewater reuse
  • CSO ( Combined Sewer Overflow)


Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits of the Aquaray HiCAP system

High Power Amalgam Lamp

  • 1000 Watt amalgam lamp and ballast combination provides high performance disinfection
  • Up to 50% fewer lamps

Module Design

  • Three (3) module sizes increases flexibility for design and expansion
  • Allows the ability to add smaller increments of lamps to fit actual plan flow conditions

Energy Conservation

  • Variable-output electronic ballasts allow dimming from 100% to 40%
  • Row-by-row lamp switching increments ensures accurate dose pacing

Optional Integrated UV Bank Lifting Systems

  • Simplifies maintenance
  • Winterization is made easy

Validated Performance

  • The Aquaray HiCAP has been third-party bioassay validated under a variety of water quality conditions including low UV transmittance (UVT)
  • Validated for CDPH Title 22 wastewater reuse applications

Easy Maintenance

  • Proven Vertical Lamp System (VLS) Design
  • Above channel access to UV lamps and quarts sleeves
  • No need to remove the UV module from the channel for maintenance

Reduced footprint

  • The Aquaray HiCAP utilizes proven VLS design to optimise each UV system’s footprint and minimize channel dimensions.