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ozonia* CFS Compact Ozone Generators

Integrated system designed for small- to medium-sized ozone applications

The Ozonia CFS product range integrates an ozone generator, power supply, control system, process related control equipment and interconnections into a single compact cabinet. The SmartO3* automation system ensures flexible operation and allows integration into all types of plant concepts.



The Ozonia CFS-2G is Veolia’s latest ozone generator system for small to medium sized water treatment applications. The design is based on feedback from hundreds of operators and includes the latest ozone generation and power electronics technology to ensure continuous operation at full-load.


  • Robust Ozonia Advanced Technology (AT) ozone production dielectrics   
  • Compact dimensions
  • Larger models feature the ozonia SmartO3 automation system  
  • Modbus TCP/IP connectivity
  • Minimal maintenance and service requirements
  • High adaptability with 4-100% ozone production range


The Ozonia CFS range provides ozone production capacities from 70g to over 3kg of ozone per hour. Contact us today to learn which model is best for your ozone water disinfection or process water treatment application.


How it Works

How it Works

The two primary ways of producing ozone for water treatment are through the corona discharge or electrolytic process. The Ozonia CFS range uses proprietary Ozonia ceramic dielectric ozone generation technology to produce ozone using the corona discharge technique.

Ozone is the triatomic form of oxygen (O3). Ozone is generated by combining oxygen atoms (O) with oxygen molecules (O2). The corona discharge process takes place in an ozone generator in the gap between a high voltage electrode and an earth electrode. When high voltage is applied, a silent electrical discharge occurs in the gap. This discharge excites the oxygen molecules in the gas, which causes the oxygen molecules to split and combine with other oxygen molecules to form ozone.

As the pioneer of the ozone industry, our unique ability to deliver the most reliable and robust ozone systems is why thousands of customers around the world have chosen Ozonia. We have been the ozone industry leader for over 40 years. Trust Veolia to deliver the highest quality ozone solutions to meet your treatment challenges for small-to-medium-sized ozone water treatment applications.

Ozonia Ozone Systems

A typical ozone system includes five system components:

  1. Ozone Generator
  2. Feed Gas System
  3. Ozone Contactor
  4. Ozone Destructor
  5. Control System

The ozone generator is combined with an input gas system, usually air or oxygen, a contacting system such as a contact tank with ozone diffusers, and a vent ozone destructor to eliminate any trace ozone after the water treatment process. The control and automation system ties all the system components together and allows for automatic operation. Contact Veolia today to learn how Ozonia ozone systems can help improve your water treatment process.

ozone system diagram



The Ozonia CFS ozone generator can be used in a variety of applications in municipal and industrial markets. Ozonia CFS ozone systems have been used for decades in several industries:

  • Municipal Drinking water
  • Wastewater
  • Beverage & Bottling
  • Aquaculture
  • Cooling Water