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Ozonia* Dome Diffusers

Efficiently introduce ozone to processes with mass-transfer diffusers.

It is important that ozone is introduced to the process in the most efficient way. One of the more popular methods is to install dome type diffusers at the bottom of a contact tank and to bubble the ozone-containing gas through the water volume in the tank.

High efficiency ozone gas mass transfer

The application, medium flow rate, and ozone dose rate are critical factors which will determine the size and number of dome diffusers required and will also influence the geometry of the contact tank. As an example, drinking water applications require a relatively low ozone dose, short contact time and one ozonation chamber with diffusers whereas waste treatment plants require a much higher ozone dose, longer contact times and a multiple of ozonation chambers.

The diffuser elements are designed that a cloud of homogeneous small-sized bubbles are produced, creating a large bubble/water contact area to ensure a maximum mass-transfer rate.


  • Mass-transfer rate >90%
  • Homogeneous bubble formation
  • Highly resistant ceramic material
  • Extreme stability over long service periods
  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Widely accepted technology