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Ozonia M Ozone Systems

Award-winning ozone system with IGS+ and SmartO3 technology

The Ozonia M integrates the latest Veolia ozone technology to bring ozone production to new heights. The Ozonia M includes next generation Ozonia IGS+ dielectric technology and the SmartO3* automation platform to increase capacity, reduce energy consumption and improve reliability. The Ozonia M introduces an innovative skid design to reduce ozone system footprint up to 25%.


ozonia M Ozone Systems

The ozonia M is a revolutionary, high-performance ozone system that includes the latest features and technologies from the Veolia innovation labs.

The Veolia research teams have set new performance records with next generation ozonia IGS+  ozone process technology. IGS+ technology increases ozone capacity up to 20% while reducing energy consumption.

The ozonia M introduces the SmartO3* Technology Platform which adds a variety of smart features optimized for ozone applications which makes operations and maintenance faster, easier, and less costly. The control system ensures flexible operation and allows integration into all types of plant concepts.

The ozonia M range integrates the ozone generator, the power supply, SmartO3 control system, and process related control equipment in an innovative compact design which reduces footprint up to 25%.


  • Drinking water (Disinfection, color & odor)
  • Wastewater (Hard COD, micropollutants, color & odor)
  • Air treatment (NOx removal)
  • Ballast Water
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage

Features & Benefits

ozonia M Features & Benefits

  • Higher ozone concentration up to 16 wt%
  • Up to 25% reduced energy consumption, 20% increased capacity, and a wider pressure range using ozonia IGS+ technology
  • Reinforced cabinet and air conditioned internal compartment provides reliable performance in harsh operating environments
  • Available using oxygen or air feed gas
  • Integrated design reduces equipment footprint and service area up to 25%
  • The ozonia SmartO3® automation platform is optimized for ozone systems
  • Multiple network communication protocols available
  • Robust industrial quality with industry leading service life

IGS Technology

ozonia IGS (Intelligent Gap System) Technology

ozonia IGS Technology (Intelligent Gap System) is the most innovative, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly innovation to ozone generation systems in a decade.

ozonia's IGS Technology is a patented ozone generation process that uses revolutionary technology and materials to take ozone generation to levels never before commercially available. The revolutionary IGS Technology actually tailors the plasma (corona discharge) to optimize ozone generation and minimize non-productive energy.

Economic impact

  • Dramatic improvement of energy efficiency from ozonia IGS Technology reduces total ozone system cost of ownership significantly. The economic impact makes ozone an economically attractive solution for a wider range of water treatment applications.
  • Stable production of high ozone concentration (14wt.%) on a continuous basis.
  • Reduces the energy consumption up to 30% compared to conventional ozone generators.
  • Reduces the feed gas consumption and consequently the operating costs.
  • Reduces equipment costs and footprints as a result of the high ozone concentration.
  • Improves safety and reliability with the exclusive system of individual fuses for each tube.