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Ozonia* Radial Diffuser

Ozonia's proprietary high-efficiency mass transfer system lowers ozone contacting footprint requirements

ozonia radial diffuser is a highly efficient alternative mass transfer in a compact footprint for a wide range of water treatment applications including drinking water and wastewater.

High efficiency ozone gas mass transfer

All ozone applications benefit from high efficiency ozone gas mass transfer. The radial diffuser is a highly efficiency alternative to traditional bubble columns which use porous diffusers. Trust Veolia engineers to define the application and ozone dose rate which determine the size and positioning of the radial diffuser in the contacting system.

After leaving the generator the oxygen and ozone gas mixture is routed to the water treatment process. Ozonia Radial Diffusers offer plant designers an elegant method of introducing ozone into processes with a minimized footprint, particularly when there are space restraints.


  • Very high mass transfer rate
  • Low lifecycle costs
  • Homogeneous bubble formation
  • Highly resistant materials
  • Extreme stability over long service periods
  • Dynamic mixing / contacting
  • Virtually maintenance-free