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ozonia* XF* Ozone Systems

High performance and energy efficiency ozone systems for large-scale municipal and industrial applications.

ozonia XF ozone generators set new standards for ozone production efficiency and capacity worldwide. A single ozonia XF ozone generator can provide ozone production capacity of over 250 kg/h. With hundreds of installations in premier water treatment facilities around the world, ozonia XF ozone systems include the largest ozone systems ever built.

Features & Applications

Setting the benchmark for ozone production standards worldwide

Veolia's patented ozonia IGS Technology takes ozone generation to performance levels never thought possible. Veolia's technological breakthrough, combined with the latest Ozonia Smart power supply technology, improves operating efficiency and reduces operational costs.


  • Production rates from 55 to 730 gO3/h from oxygen.
  • Ozone production rates over 250 kgO3/h from a single generator
  • Robust industrial quality for reliability and long service life.
  • High ozone concentration at full-load.
  • Very compact dimensions for easy integration.
  • Low maintenance and service personnel requirement Second generation technology.


ozonia XF ozone systems are ideal for applications where large ozone production capacities are required. ozonia XF systems are considered a best in class product for a variety of global applications.

  • Drinking water
  • Municipal and industrial wastewater
  • Reuse and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)
  • COD and color removal
  • Pulp & paper

    IGS Technology

    ozonia IGS (Intelligent Gap System) Technology

    ozonia IGS Technology (Intelligent Gap System) is the most innovative, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly innovation to ozone generation systems in a decade.

    ozonia's IGS Technology is a patented ozone generation process that uses revolutionary technology and materials to take ozone generation to levels never before commercially available. The revolutionary IGS Technology actually tailors the plasma (corona discharge) to optimize ozone generation and minimize non-productive energy.

    Economic impact

    • Dramatic improvement of energy efficiency from ozonia IGS Technology reduces total ozone system cost of ownership significantly. The economic impact makes ozone an economically attractive solution for a wider range of water treatment applications.
    • Stable production of high ozone concentration (14wt.%) on a continuous basis.
    • Reduces the energy consumption up to 30% compared to conventional ozone generators.
    • Reduces the feed gas consumption and consequently the operating costs.
    • Reduces equipment costs and footprints as a result of the high ozone concentration.
    • Improves safety and reliability with the exclusive system of individual fuses for each tube.