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E-Cell Electrodeionization (EDI) Systems

Standardized equipment for a complete EDI solution

E-Cell EDI systems are pre-engineered and readily available with 1-12 E-Cell-3X or E-Cell MK-7 stacks. These systems are built using decades of experience in EDI technology and robust and reliable system design and fabrication. Whether you are new to EDI technology or want to leverage Veolia’s manufacturing capabilities, E-Cell EDI Systems provide a fast and efficient route to project delivery.


E-Cell standard systems are designed around four different base models but with flexibility to adjust the number of stacks on the system to meet project capacity needs. Additionally, the flow range for the system accounts for differing dilute flow per stack as would be determined to meet project water quality requirements using the Winflows software for EDI projections. More information on the specific stacks can be found on the E-Cell Electrodeionization Stacks page.

All systems can be upgraded to use E-Cell MK-7 stacks instead of E-Cell-3X which allows for an approximately 40% increase in capacity of the systems at nominal flow. 






Number of Stacks





Type of Stack





Nominal Product Flow

10 m3/h

(44 gpm)

20 m3/h

(88 gpm)

40 m3/h

(176 gpm)

60 m3/h

(264 gpm)

Product Flow Range

3.4-12.7 m3/h

(15-56 gpm)

10.2-25.4 m3/h

(45-112 gpm)

17.0-50.9 m3/h

(75-224 gpm)

34.0-76.3 m3/h

(150-336 gpm)

Fact sheets are available for systems that have been pre-engineered for use in many locations globally, as well as for specific European Union requirements.

E-Cell-3X Standard Systems

E-Cell-3X EU Standard Systems

Veolia also offers reverse osmosis integrated with E-Cell EDI on a single skid. More information can be found on the PRO E-Cell page.


E-Cell EDI standard systems include the full complement of equipment needed for a fast and efficient installation, including:

  • Power panel with DC drive
  • Individual stack current monitoring
  • Instrumentation packages including flow, resistivity/conductivity, and pressure transmitters
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Human-machine-interface (HMI)
  • Optional feed water divert valve and programming


Winflows is one of the most advanced reverse osmosis (RO) and EDI projection tools on the market. It can model both RO and EDI as stand-alone operations but is unique in its ability to model RO+EDI systems as a combined process in a single tool. This improves ease of use given the requirement that most EDI systems have upstream RO to ensure adequate feed water quality to the EDI system. With one tool, making EDI projections is easier than ever.

Winflows includes functionality for all E-Cell stacks and can be used for projections of any size. The Winflows software can be downloaded here.

Winflow graphic