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Helico Screenings Washer & Compactor

Reduce handling and more easily transport screenings

Helico* delivers reliable screenings removal for optimum wastewater treatment plant performance. Helico* is the natural complement to the Climber* Screen and all mechanically cleaned bar screens.


Helico Models

Multiple sizes of models available to suit the need of any application.

Dual Hopper units available for both Models 200 & 300.

Dual Hopper units are the optimal solution for plants with multiple screen units in close proximity to one another, utilizing a single efficient 2 hp motor, press-tube, auger and discharge location for multiple hopper inlets.

Screenings Wash Header

Attachments are available for aiding in the removal of biological matter from debris and odor reduction of dewatered screenings.

Model 200

  • 8” Diameter Auger (nominal)
  • Auger helical flight thickness: 1/2”
  • Screenings Capacity:
    • Nominal Minimum: 25-33 cubic ft/hr
    • Nominal Max: 100 cubic ft/hr

Model 300

  • 12” Diameter Auger (nominal)
  • Auger helical flight thickness: 5/8”
  • Screenings Capacity:
    • Nominal Minimum: 50-75 cubic ft/hr
    • Nominal Max: 150 cubic ft/hr


Helico Advantages

  • Screenings volume reduction up to 70-75%
  • Finished moisture content of less than 55%
  • 65-85% weight reduction of screenings
  • Rate of feed can vary without effect on operation or performance
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Single & Dual Hopper Configurations