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Finished Fuel Additives

Meet finished fuel quality specifications while maximizing profitability

Each year refiners spend millions of dollars on finished fuel additives to help meet finished fuel quality specifications. Most traditional finished fuel additive applications are inefficient and result in unnecessary costs. Veolia's fuel additives, in combination with on-site monitoring, chemical analysis, and recommendations from Veolia's testing laboratories, are designed to help refiners meet finished product specifications at minimum costs.

Product Highlight

Spec-Aid* finished fuel additives

Veolia's Spec-Aid fuel additive programs combine state-of-the-art additives and comprehensive, on-site service programs to ensure fuel and health and safety specifications are met at the lowest overall cost. In addition, when problems arise in the refinery that impact fuel quality and specifications, Veolia engineers are on-site to help solve the immediate issues, whether additive solutions are required or not, and to help determine root causes and corrections to prevent future problems.

Types of fuel additives

Veolia offers a variety of fuel additives designed to improve fuel handling and performance. Types of fuel additives offered include:

  • Carbon steel and copper corrosion inhibitors for gasoline and diesel
  • Silver corrosion inhibitors for gasoline
  • Stabilizers for middle distillates (diesel and fuel oils)
  • metal deactivators for gasoline, middle distillates, and jet fuel
  • Cold flow improvers for middle distillates, crude oil, and intermediate oils
  • Gasoline and jet fuel antioxidants
  • Lubricity improvers for diesel and jet fuel
  • H2S scavengers for crude, gasoline, middle distillates, asphalt, naphtha and gasoil
  • Biocides for gasoline, diesel, and intermediates
  • Conductivity improvers for gasoline, diesel and jet fuel
  • Dehaxers for gasoline and middle distillates
  • Cetane improver for diesel 

Features & Benefits

Benefits of finished fuel additives 

Veolia's portfolio of finished product additives are designed to:

  • Help refiners cost-effectively meet fuel specifications
  • Ensure proper fuel handling and performance characteristics
  • Provide state-of-the-art gasoline, aviation fuel, blend component, biofuel, and feedstock additives

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What are finished fuel additives?

Fuel additives are compounds that improve the handling and use characteristics of liquid hydrocarbon fuels. Fuel additives are designed to help refiners meet fuel specifications and ensure that treated fuels are suitable for handling in the fuel storage tank and pipelines and fit for use in end-user vehicles and equipment.

What are the common types of finished fuel additives?

Common types of fuel additives offered include:

  • Antioxidants
  • Biocides
  • Cetane Improvers
  • Cold Flow Inhibitors
  • Conductivity Improvers
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Dehazers
  • Fuel Stabilizers
  • H2S Scavengers
  • Lubricity Improver
  • Metal Deactivators