Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

Oil & Gas Engineered Sulfate Removal Systems

Modular solutions with reliable performance and ease of integration

Veolia's pre-engineered solutions for sulfate removal rely on extensive global experience in engineering and manufacturing of water treatment technologies as well as expertise in the Oil & Gas industry. Veolia offers superior standardization and optimization for system design while addressing the challenging environment and strict requirements of the upstream Oil & Gas industry.

Our sulfate removal solutions address and facilitate specific operational and maintenance needs enabling our clients to obtain a robust, state of the art system in the shortest amount of time.

Pre-engineered Solutions Features

  • Increase the level of standardization from project to project
  • Reduced engineering expense by adopting standard modular designs for your sulfate removal unit
  • Innovative business model that allows engineering firms to offer their integration expertise for Veolia’s pre-engineered units
  • A solution that combines advanced technology and makes it easier to integrate into a larger scope
  • A wide array of options ranging from a prefiltration , nanofiltration solutions, chemical cleaning and more