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Ozonia* Containerized Ozone Systems

Plug & play ozone water treatment systems

Ozonia containerized ozone solutions are fully assembled plug and play ozone systems. Our turn-key solutions allow customers to reduce construction costs and bring ozone production online faster.  Our containerized solutions are supplied with all equipment required to safely operate an ozone system where only utility connections are needed to begin ozone production.

Ozonia ozone generators are consistently ranked among the best in the industry for performance, quality and reliability. With R&D centers and manufacturing facilities on three continents, Veolia can deliver containerized ozone systems to any customer specification. Trust the ozone generator technology leader with over 40 years of experience to solve your water treatment challenges.


Ozonia containerized ozone water treatment systems have the same outstanding features as Ozonia products and engineered systems. Containerized ozone plants are capable of producing ozone at very high concentrations from either oxygen or air feed gas.

Although designed and built to minimize capital costs, we never compromise on quality. Only components and materials that ensure a long and reliable service life are used by Veolia. To ensure the longest possible service intervals with very low maintenance, stainless steel components and ozone resistant materials are used for the piping and contacting system. The integrity of these systems is suitable for the harsh conditions encountered at industrial sites. Our containerized solutions are installed with lighting, heating, and cooling systems and can be designed to withstand the most challenging ambient conditions.

Containerized Ozone Water Treatment Systems Features

  • High performance
  • Fully assembled and tested
  • Minimized installation time
  • Minimized civil works and building costs
  • Standard designs or engineered concepts
  • Backed by ozonia service

How it Works

Containerized ozone water treatment systems are turn-key ozone systems with all the equipment required for ozone production. Equipment is installed in a container to minimize civil works and start-up time.

Ozonia containerized systems include several main categories of equipment. The most critical parts of the containerized ozone system are the ozone generator and container. All the other types of equipment can be incorporated. Ozonia containerized solutions are very flexible allowing the addition of a wide variety of optional equipment and services to meet each client’s goals.

Ozonia Containerized Ozone System Components

  • Container
  • Ozone generation equipment
  • Ozone contacting or mass-transfer equipment
  • Feed gas preparation equipment
  • Cooling water chiller equipment


Veolia offers a variety of containers to globally recognized standards. We have supplied ISO standard and customized sizes for our clients around the world. ISO 20’ containers provide a compact footprint and easy installation. ISO 40’ containers allow for larger ozone production capacities and contacting equipment. Double-wide containers can also be used to fit to site conditions.

Ozone generator

Ozonia ozone generators of all sizes have been used in containerized ozone systems. The ozone generator is selected based on the ozone production, ozone concentration and water treatment application. The most widely used models for Ozonia containerized ozone systems are from the Ozonia CFS, Ozonia M, and Ozonia XF product ranges.

Ozone contacting equipment

There are 3 types of ozone contacting methods used for ozonation: injectors, porous diffusers or Ozonia radial diffusers. Ozone contacting systems require a volume and time to enable reactions to take place. Contact times between 4 - 20 minutes are normal in ozone applications.

Feedgas equipment

The ozone generators installed in the containerized plant can be supplied with either dry air or dry oxygen feedgas. The feedgas production method depends on the amount of ozone required and the ozone concentration. Dry air is produced on-site with a suitable compressor and dryer system. For oxygen-based ozone generators, oxygen is drawn from a liquid oxygen (LOX) supply or generated by a Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) system.

Cooling water equipment

Cooling water preparation equipment is required when the specified amount or quality of cooling water is not available on-site. The chiller unit can be supplied as a separate unit for installation outside the container where all other components can be installed inside the container.


Ozonia containerized ozone systems are used in pilot-scale and full-scale applications.

Pilot Scale

Our pilot-scale containerized ozone solutions are ideal for piloting, temporary or emergency ozone needs. Our pilot-scale containerized solutions have capabilities for Ozonia ozone, Aquaray UV and Ozonia Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP).

Download the Ozonia Process Applications Brochure

Full Scale

Veolia full-scale containerized ozone systems are used in applications where civil works or startup time are critical. Ozonia containerized ozone systems are installed around the globe in municipal drinking water, industrial wastewater COD removal and pulp & paper applications such as bleaching.