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Wastewater Selenium Removal

Reduce total selenium to low single-digital ppb levels with a single step process

Veolia’s process enables customers in the Power (FGD), Mining and other industries to meet the strictest selenium discharge limits in one simple step with minimal operating costs and operator attention.

With over 20 years of experience, development and proven global installation base, Veolia’s products are trusted for selenium removal. 

Product Highlight

ABMet* for selenium removal from water & wastewater

ABMet is a revolutionary biological process that removes metals and inorganics from wastewater to below non-detect levels. The ABMet process uses naturally occurring, non-pathogenic microbes to reduce and precipitate target compounds. The result is a highly efficient biological system that can remove 99%+† of selenium, nitrate, and other inorganics from wastewater. ABMet systems can reach the low effluent contaminant concentrations that are required by current or future regulations—levels that cannot be reliably achieved by physical/chemical processes. 

ABMet is significantly less complex than conventional physical/chemical systems and offers a high degree of process control, producing a host of advantages that reduce capital and operating costs including:

  • Proven solution to consistently meet discharge limits in EPA’s proposed ELG for FGD wastewater
  • Effective nitrate removal
  • Effective mercury and arsenic polishing
  • Non-hazardous waste solids easily processed by the Phys-Chem solids handling system
  • Direct discharge without pre or post treatment
  • Proven performance at TDS concentrations greater than 35,000 mg/

Case Studies


What can ABMet remove?

ABMet removes nitrate and nitrite to non-detect levels through a biological denitrification process within the biofilter resulting in the formation and off-gassing of nitrogen gas. ABMet also removes selenium by biologically reducing selenate and selenite to particulate elemental selenium which is then removed via the WASH sequence. 

In what types of applications can ABMet be used?

The ABMet system has been demonstrated in applications treating Flue-Gas Desulfurization (FGD) wastewaters, coal power plant ash landfill leachate, coal mine waters, phosphate mine waters, metal refinery wastewater, and agricultural runoff waters.