Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

Purified Water Systems for Clinical Analysis

Purified water systems designed for use with a range of clinical analysers

High purity water has always been a critical element in clinical diagnostics. Advances in analyzer technology place even greater demands on purified water systems. Our systems are designed to work with clinical analyzers from all leading manufacturers and offer the optimum combination of quality, reliability, simplicity and low cost of ownership. 


Purified Water System Range

Our range of advanced water purification systems ensure the highest quality feed for clinical analyzers and offer:

  • A reliable, uninterrupted supply
  • Precisely controlled levels of purity
  • Simple operation
  • Low operating costs
  • Full duty standby configuration
  • Emergency bypass system

Every purified water system is engineered to the highest standards, conforming to ISO9001, and has been developed using proven water purification technologies, linked to advanced control, monitoring and diagnostic systems, in compact, self-contained units.

Straight Forward Operation

Installation, operation and maintenance are straight forward, with the option for systems to be customized to meet the specific requirements of each clinical analyzer manufacturer.

Standards Compliance

Each water purification system complies with the latest water quality standards, including ASTM, CLRW and CLSI. Depending on specification, systems are capable of producing water quality to 18.2MΩ-cm, with bacterial levels less than 1cfu/ml and the rejection of ions down to 0.01mg/l.


Typical Specification Features 

We offer a wide range of water purification solutions, with a comprehensive choice of options. Typical specification includes features such as:

  • Carbon pre-treatment
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Ion-exchange
  • Carbon dioxide membrane degassing
  • Ultraviolet irradiation
  • Bacterial filtration
  • Fully integrated design
  • A choice of make-up rates to 600l/hr
  • Full color intuitive LCD touch screen
  • Variable speed distribution pump
  • Feed water break tank (Cat5 compliant)
  • Manual bypass (optional)
  • Full duty standby configuration
  • Water use totalizer
  • Compact design for floor standing, bench, under bench or wall mounted installations


Uses of Clinical Grade Water in Analyzers

Poor water quality not only affects the tests themselves but also the general operation of the analyser and the reliability of the test results.

Water is used in virtually all of the processes within clinical analyzers

  • Washing reaction cuvettes
  • Feeding wash stations for probes and stirrer paddles
  • Diluting reagents, samples and detergents
  • Incubator baths
  • As an interface between syringe and sample