Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

Healthcare Water Purification Systems

Accredited & reliable healthcare water purification systems

With an installed base in hospitals, private organizations and laboratories around the world, we’re the leading supplier of advanced life sciences and healthcare water purification systems. We offer solutions for renal dialysis, including compact systems for home use and high volume systems for multi-bed wards, plus advanced water purification systems for clinical analyser feed, decontamination and sterile services departments.

In addition, we supply wall mounted and benchtop reverse osmosis water purification units, low cost deionisation cartridges, and centralised, modular high volume water purification systems for feeding laboratory ring-mains.  Our proven technology produces purified and ultrapure water, to 18.2 MΩ.cm, and meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 3696 and ASTM D1193-06 standards.

Service, Maintenance and Support

To support our extensive range of healthcare and life sciences water purification we offer a full range of technical, applications and after-sales support services.

These include extended warranty and 24/7 service contracts, including routine servicing and replacement of consumables, plus emergency cover to ensure continuity of supply. This support is available either direct or through our global network of specially trained sales partners.