Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

Integra E

Provides (S)HTM 2030 quality water for endoscope washing machines.

The Integra E unit is designed to take potable feedwater direct from the mains, purify it using Reverse Osmosis technology, store it in an integral storage tank and then circulate it via a pressurised ringmain to feed Endoscope Washing machines.

It is available in two versions tailored to the feedwater. The Integra EH is for hard feedwater and the Integra ES is for softened feedwater.


Integra E Overview

The Integra E water purification units are suitable for supplying purified water to single or multi chamber endoscope washing machine. They are fully compliant with (S)HTM 2030, NHS MES C32 and the latest draft prEN ISO 15883 standards and feature integrated data logging for performance traceability.;

  • Integral pure water tank –

    Ensures water is always available on demand. Tank is fully drainable and bacterially protected to comply with (S)HTM 2030.
  • Integral raw water break tank with Type AB air gap –

    Eliminates the possibility of water backflow and complies with water bylaws.
  • Self contained unit design –

    All components are integrated into a neat housing, designed to fit through standard sized doors and on wheels for enhanced portability.
  • Minimal installation and commissioning –

    All components are factory tested ensuring the unit simply requires connection to relevant on site services.
  • Semi-automatic chemical clean –

    With automatic chemical draw, recirculation and rinse, cleaning is straight forward and trouble free.
  • Bio Sample Point –

    Incorporation of a hygienic, fully sanitisable, stainless steel, sample valve reduces the risk of contamination during sampling.
  • Alarm conditions –

    Critical operating parameters are automatically monitored, including the quality of the purified water and level in the pure water tank.
  • User friendly display –

    Backlit display clearly shows the unit operation in graphic and text formats.
  • Standby mode –

    During periods of low demand the system will compensate, reducing power consumption and running costs.
  • Integrated data logging –

    Up to 12 months data can be captured, enabling a permanent printed record of all parameter and status changes, in line with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Unit Specifications

  Integra ES Integra EH
Width (mm) 1000
Depth (mm) 750
Height (mm) 1800
Installation Requirements
Power 240V / 50 Hz

System Specifications

  Integra ES Integra EH
Output @ 10°C (l/hr) 600 225
Feedwater hardness (ppm CaCO3) < 4 400*
Feedwater temperature (°C) 1-35
Feedwater pressure (bar) 1-6
Pure water recovery (max %) 70 25
Feedwater consumption (max l/hr) 900
Pure water tank volume (l) 250
Drain flowrate 300 675

* For harder water a Veolia water softener is required