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Recessed Water Renal Media Panel for Dialysis Equipment

Safe and easy to use media panel for use with all dialysis machines

Single point recessed media enclosure providing access to purified water and drain connection for dialysis machines. Designed for installation in partition walls, box work or medical services trunking systems. Can be supplied with or without isolation valve.


Recessed Media Panel Features

The panel is constructed with a precision formed ABS enclosure, providing easy clean surface complete with stainless steel connections. Complete with matching ABS cover plate. And, connections to dialysis machines are made via self-sealing quick-release couplings. These allow hoses to be removed quickly and safely without the need to isolate the supplies.

The stainless steel self-sealing couplings and diaphragm valve may require occasional maintenance.

Additional Features

  • Available with or without isolation valve
  • Removable cover plate for ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Quick-release self-sealing couplings for the feed to the dialysis machine and drain. Double drain option available
  • Can incorporate acid concentrate
  • Precision formed ABS enclosure providing an easy to clean surface
  • Safety air gap to isolate dialysis machines from the drainage system, as required by current standards


Dialysis water Male self sealing quick release 316 stainless steel coupling 6mm.
Dialysis effluent Female self sealing quick release 316 stainless steel coupling 6mm.
Drain 40mm tight fitting drain.
Acid concentrate Male self sealing quick release. Glass filled polypropylene coupling.
Equipotential bonding point Socket for additional earth bonding lead connection.