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Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions Adds to ZeeLung* MABR Technologies with new Application to Upgrade Activated Sludge Plants

TREVOSE, Pa.— Water Technologies & Solutions — zeeDENSE* is a state-of-the-art application of ZeeLung that couples MABR and inDENSE continuous flow densification technology for super-intensification of activated sludge plants.

Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions announced the latest application in the ZeeLung family of technologies, zeeDENSE, for simple and sustainable intensification of activated sludge plants. zeeDENSE is the only industry offering that marries Membrane-Aerated Biofilm Reactors (MABR) and inDENSE** a continuous flow densification technology.

“Utilizing zeeDENSE allows utilities to break through two common process bottlenecks in their wastewater treatment plants. MABR unlocks bioreactor capacity by increasing the inventory of nutrient removal bacteria in existing tanks and inDENSE unlocks secondary clarifier capacity by improving sludge settling characteristics. The technology combination is tailor-made for new plants and retrofits and also reduces greenhouse gas emissions,” said Thomas Buer, Senior Vice President Technologies & Systems Business Leader at Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions. “Building on our ZeeLung MABR family of products, we’ve created an application that is aligned with our commitment to sustainability, delivering increased treatment capacity, enhanced nutrient removal, greenhouse gas mitigation, and more. Sustainability continues to be a core focus for Veolia, and the introduction of zeeDENSE is one of our latest solutions geared toward upgrading conventional activated sludge plants while reducing energy consumption.”

zeeDENSE combines ZeeLung MABR’s ability to intensify bioreactor capacity by up to 50% with inDENSE’s up to 50% intensification of secondary clarification for a two-fold improvement. Waste-activated sludge or mixed liquor is processed through the inDENSE system and the dense biomass is returned to the bioreactor while the less dense biomass is wasted from the process.

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** inDENSE Trademark of NEWHub Corp; used with license.

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