Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

Steel Industry Solutions

Optimized run-length and reliability ensure steel mills operate at the lowest cost of operation. Veolia can help the steel industry achieve its goals by providing fouling and corrosion protection solutions, steel mill water and wastewater treatment, as well as advanced monitoring and control technologies. 

We can partner to improve your uptime and product quality while reducing water and energy usage across your operation, from your spray system to your effluent pond. 


Pretreatment for influent water
  • Engineered water purification systems for all requirements of quality and quantity, either fixed or mobile/temporary installations.
  • Mobile water services  (bridge solutions & emergency response) with as little as 24-hour dispatch to maintain production & safeguard equipment.
  • Clarification chemistry to optimize process water solids removal at the lowest cost of operation.
Steelmaking & continuous casting water treatment

Reliable operation requires deposition, corrosion, and microbiological growth control in cooling water systems. GenGard*, ScaleTrol* and Spectrus* cooling water programs for steel mills ensure deposit-free, foam-free operation in areas that matter:

  • EAF components, DES hoods & vacuum degas systems
  • Blast furnace & BOF systems
  • Continuous caster spray nozzles & heat exchangers
  • Caster spray chamber & machine systems
  • Coke plant process treatments
  • DRI (direct reduction iron)
Rolling & finishing mills water treatment
  • KlarAid* wastewater treatment products for solids & oil removal
  • Reheat furnace & laminar system cooling programs.
  • Rinse water & wastewater metals removal treatment programs.
Roadways & material handling dust control

DusTreat* cost-effective dust control programs for road & piles, conveyors & process area; minimizing health & safety risk while limiting the amount of water used for dust abatement and reduce the moisture content of feedstocks.

Effluent clarification & treatment
  • Specialty coagulants, flocculants & unique automated dosing systems to improve clarification and reduce operating costs.
  • MetClear* heavy metals removal chemistry to solve wastewater problems.
  • ZeeWeed* membrane bioreactor (MBR) combines proven ultrafiltration (UF) technology with biological treatment for consistent, high-quality steel plant effluent treatment suitable for any wastewater discharge or reuse application.
Environmental stewardship
  • Expert services & solutions to help you optimize your operation through reduction of energy consumption and water usage.
  • E.C.O.Film* non-phosphorus cooling treatment to help you meet discharge regulations while ensuring best-in-class asset protection.
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technologies to maximize usage of water resources and ensure availability &reliability.
Digital & automation

Unique service model with a practice, digital, data-driven approach providing improved visibility, optimized chemical, water and energy usage, real-time data and predictive modeling. 

  • InSight* cloud-based data management system
  • Remote wireless tank monitoring for 24/7 accurate feed rates, alarms & inventory management
  • TrueSense* analyzers & controllers for continuous readings & automated control.
  • TrueSense MoniAll* predictive heat exchanger fouling technology.



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