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HTFB Thermal Oxidation Technology

Dispose of sludge - sustainably

As land becomes scarcer and sludge handling regulations grow more stringent, fluid bed incineration is becoming widely accepted for sludge disposal. Veolia offers thermal oxidation technologies to eliminate odors and reduce the sludge to a much smaller quantity of inert ash (as low as 7% by weight). Land requirements and air pollution are reduced, protecting the environment.

Thermal Oxidation Features

Thermal Oxidation is proven, safe and environmental friendly. Benefits include:

  • Maximum Heat Recovery –self-supporting refractory arch dome and refractory lined windbox allow maximum heat recovery and autogenous combustion.
  • Minimal Sand Loss and Optimal Combustion – teardrop-shaped reactor decelerates the combustion gas, disengaging the sand and optimizing the combustion.
  • Highly Efficient – sludge fed in the turbulent bed enhances combustion and reduces the emission of pollutants.
  • Short Startup and Low Fuel Usage – preheat burner is installed in the windbox to allow cost efficient cold starts.
  • Power Generation – heat recovery through a waste heat boiler or hot oil economizer to generate electricity using a steam turbine or Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC).