Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

E-Cell* Electrodeionization Solutions

Setting the bar in ultrapure and high purity water technology performance

Veolia's E-Cell* electrodeionization (EDI) technology removes residual salts and ionizable aqueous species - such as carbon dioxide, silica, ammonia and boron - from your water sources. E-Cell is an established brand with time-tested manufacturing practices and a reputation for providing premium performance including both the highest levels of product water quality and the lowest energy consumption. Like other EDI technology, E-Cell does not require chemicals during operation or mixed-bed ion exchange resin replacement which leads to lower operating costs and an improved environmental, health, and safety profile for the site.

EDI systems are built around the core component known as an EDI stack. Veolia offers several options of E-Cell stacks to fit a variety of applications and also provides pre-engineered EDI systems. Regardless of whether you buy E-Cell stacks or a complete system, Veolia has the expertise, global presence, and proven performance to provide confidence in your ultrapure or high purity water system.