Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

SeaPAK Series

Combining UF & SWRO on variable feedwater to maintain the quality product water needed

For variable feedwater or improved feedwater quality to the reverse osmosis system, SeaPAK features Veolia’s pressurized ultrafiltration technology integrated with a reverse osmosis system. Veolia can provide this package with one-source accountability given that system fabrication is performed by Veolia, which is coupled with the design utilizing Veolia proprietary technologies. SeaPAK includes just a single control system and a multi-functional tank for systems ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 m3/day of product water. 

SeaPAK Features

  • UF membranes, SWRO membranes, and equipment all from Veolia 
  • Scalable from one to four trains of the same capacity with the same control system 
  • Single compact multifunctional tank 
  • Modular concept allows adjustment in placement to site specificities 
  • SeaPAK-1000 – single train with 1,000 m3/day (185 gpm) of capacity. Can expand to four trains and 4,000 m3/day of capacity. 
  • SeaPAK-2500 – single train with 2,500 m3/day (460 gpm) of capacity. Can expand to four trains and 10,000 m3/day of capacity