Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

ZeeWeed Packaged Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems

Simple design & operation, reliably producing high quality effluent

Incorporating a simple and expandable building-block design, Veolia packaged plants can be quickly set up in virtually any location and feature scalable treatment capacity that can be increased as demand grows. These highly automated, plug-and-play UF systems outperform conventional treatment alternatives in all categories, offering superior treated water quality that meets or exceeds regulatory requirements, reduced operating costs, smaller plant footprints, and highly reliable performance—at a price that is comparable to conventional systems. 


ZeeWeed Packaged Systems Overview 

High level value prop/benefits of the family 

  • Pre-assembled, skid-mounted and factory-tested packaged systems with less requirements for installation and reduced onsite construction costs 

  • Compact designs for easy integration into existing facilities 

  • Completed engineering packages and quick delivery 

  • Simple operation and maintenance requires minimal operator supervision 



Wastewater Treatment Systems 

With high effluent quality system can be used in a variety Municipal, Commercial Development, and Industrial applications to reduce BOD, COD, TN, TP in effluent.  Reduces wastewater surcharges; Meets strict effluent regulations; can be used for re-use applications in water scarce regions. 

Water & Tertiary Treatment Systems 

With high effluent quality system can be used in a variety Municipal, Commercial Development, and Industrial applications.  Systems can be used for Drinking Water applications (LT2 compliant), Tertiary Treatment for re-use applications or to reduce discharge surcharges, RO Pre-Treatment to reduce RO membrane maintenance or as a standalone process water treatment system. 

Wastewater Treatment Systems

ZeeWeed MBR Packaged Systems Product Family 

  • ZeeWeed MBR’s operate at MLSS concentration more than 2x conventional biological treatment systems reducing plant foot print 

  • Variety of packages to suit individual needs – filtration only packages to work with existing biology for conventional plant retrofits or with new biology supplied separately; compete system including biology for sanitary waste 

  • Reliable systems with high tolerance for upstream process upsets 

  • Use ZW500 series membranes with tolerance for high solids loading 

Water & Tertiary Treatment Systems

ZeeWeed Ultrafiltration Packaged Systems Product Family 

  • Variety of packages to suit individual needs: 

  • Z-BOX S – Small flows in a small space. Using ZW1000 membranes these compact systems will fit in most buildings/spaces. Low clearance requirement means low ceilings are not an issue.  Expandable systems up to 4 process trains. 

  • Z-Pak – Easy to install, highly automated pressurized ultrafiltration systems using ZW1500 membranes. Expandable systems up to 4 process trains. 

  • Z-BOX M and Z-BOX L for your tough to treat water.  Not a lot of room for pre-treatment processes? Using the ZW500 membranes these systems can handle higher solids loading than most typical ultrafiltration systems.