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Asset Care Services for Water and Wastewater Treatment

A complete line of products and services to keep your plant going every day

Our team of global experts will enable you to take advantage of the latest advancements in technology to optimize your operations. Our asset care services provide you water and wastewater experts in your facility to evaluate and recommend tailored solutions.


Veolia’s asset care service offers customers flexibility by providing the exact service you need throughout the lifecycle of your facility. Whether that is a one-time service offer to provide parts,upgrades or replacement, or ongoing services  such as spare parts management, refill activity or even fixed schedule maintenance. Veolia can offer what you need to keep your water and wastewater treatment plants running smoothly.

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What We Offer

At Veolia, our global footprint and robust list of water treatment technologies expertise enables us to be able to provide custom-tailored solutions to all of our customers based on their needs. We reduce complexity, minimized risks, cost control, and maximize the performance of your operation. Our Asset Care Services offerings include:

  • Technical assistance with or without long term commitments
  • Maintenance programs and agreements
  • Spare parts with or without service
  • Retrofits and upgrades
  • Small projects
  • Quick and simple site works
  • Customer operator training
  • Non-Veolia equipment servicing
  • Packaged service offerings such as SDI and Enlighten


How can I do preventive maintenance for my wastewater treatment plant?


  • Doing preventive maintenance for a wastewater treatment plant can be a complicated process. Veolia’s Asset Care Services can remove that complexity and provide highly skilled technicians to implement a regular, preventative maintenance plan. We provide different levels of maintenance agreements depending on the customers’ needs.
Can an audit of my process plant/wastewater plant be done?


  • Yes, an audit of your process and wastewater treatment plants is an important step to improving your plant’s performance. Veolia can identify potential gaps in efficiency or safety measures being taken at the plant. Veolia’s Asset Care Services can conduct this audit and provide an implementation plan.
How can I run diagnostics on my wastewater treatment plant?


  • Some wastewater treatment products and technologies might have diagnostics monitoring built-in. Diagnostics monitoring can be a great tool to identify how your plant is operating and what may need attention. Water and process applications generate vast amounts of operating data that, when left unmanaged, meaningful insights are often lost and increase the total cost of operations. Effective water and wastewater process management depend on data transformed into meaningful and actionable information. Veolia’s InSight* captures the power of data to maximize performance and achieve better outcomes. A cloud-based Asset Performance Management solution, InSight uses data and analytics to help ensure water treatment assets operate at optimal performance. By aggregating and analyzing the thousands of complex data points from throughout an operation, InSight provides users with greater visibility and transparency at a plant level or across the entire enterprise.
Where can I buy new UF membrane?


  • There are many companies that provide ultrafiltration membranes. Veolia’s ZeeWeed* ultrafiltration membranes provide a full spectrum of ultrafiltration membranes to fit your application and your effluent quality needs.. To learn more, see here:
  • Who can install them?
    • Typically companies who sell the UF membranes can install them. At Veolia, we are able to install ZeeWeed membranes along with our competitor's membranes in certain situations.
Where can I buy a specific spare part for my WWTP ?


  • The Asset Care team can help you to procure a specific spare part of your WWTP, especially the spare part linked to Veolia and or Degremont technologies and processes. This team will also be able to install them to ensure the shorter break in the operation of your plant. Veolia will also be available to give a preventive maintenance program and technical support as needed to fill out the contact us form here and provide the manufacturer and part number.




Optimize performance and asset life with our expertise.

Enlighten is a customized packaged service agreement that can include:

  • InSight* Remote Monitoring
  • On-site service visits by expert representatives
  • Process Analyst Services
  • 24/7 Emergency Technical Support

Grouping those services into one package allows our process experts to study your plant data and provide guidance. We assist your operating teams with optimization & troubleshooting. 

With Enlighten, Veolia is there to guide you and your team in optimizing the operation of your water or wastewater treatment facility.  This real-time evaluation of your assets gives you an understanding of how your facilities performance is compared to industry best practices. As technologies and environmental regulations continue to change,   it helps to have a strong partner that is always up to date with emerging contaminants or advances in operating protocols.

With Enlighten, you can build the confidence needed to successfully operate and maintain your water or wastewater plant. 

Throughout the agreement, if we foresee the need for additional services or products, the Enlighten package agreements can include additional (optional) servings offerings, such as:

  • Specific Operational activities (CIP, filter exchange etc.)
  • Spare Parts
  • Preventive Maintenance & inspection program
  • Chemicals & Consumables
  • Membranes
  • On-site Training & Audits

Service Deionization (SDI)

Service Deionization (SDI) for Pure Water

Portable ultra-pure water management

Rely on Veolia's maintenance-free service deionization (SDI) products that can provide pure water from 1.0 to 18.2 MegOhm. They require no permanent installation, chemical handling, or customer maintenance. Veolia's service DI reps exchange your exhausted tanks with regenerated tanks from a local Veolia Service Center.

Our clients trust us to handle the responsibility of maintaining and servicing thousands of critical DI water systems. This is due to our history of experienced personnel, world-class facilities, high resin quality.


More than 10,000 customers trust Veolia to maintain and service their critical DI water systems. With four depots and six regeneration plants, Veolia’s SDI service offers:

  • Maximum production uptime and product quality via guaranteed performance contracts and 24/7 field and technical support
  • Employee protection by eliminating hazardous chemical usage or storage
  • Increased financial flexibility (from outright purchase to rental arrangements) with zero required capital costs, flexible rental arrangements, and reduced site labor costs
  • RO services which include pad checks, filter changes, system sanitization

To meet your complete pure-water needs and increase your peace of mind, Veolia offers a full range of outsourced services including:

  • Maintenance and service contracts, supported by 24/7 operations
  • Design, project management, installation, and repair of Reverse Osmosis (RO), and Ultraviolet (UV) systems and components
  • RO Membrane Cleaning and Water System Sanitizations
  • Media replacement and rebeds (carbon, anion, cation, mixed bed)
  • Instrument repair and calibration
  • Pure water filters, cartridges, and chemicals
Light Industry Applications
  • ingredient manufacturing
  • healthcare
  • personal care products such as cosmetics, lotions, shampoos, etc.
  • microelectronics not served by our engineered systems group (we do upgrades, services, etc. in addition to systems)
  • assorted laboratory water needs
Heavy Industry Applications
  • Water for a laboratory at a power plant
  • Water for any assorted purposes at an oil refinery

To find a local Veolia service center closest to you, visit here or contact a Veolia expert to learn more.