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ozonia* CFV Ozone Systems

High performance integrated ozone systems designed for a wide variety of water treatment applications.

High performance and robust ozone production system for medium-sized municipal and industrial applications.

The ozonia  CFV range of ozone generators

The ozonia CFV range of ozone generators is designed for medium-sized municipal and industrial applications.The design is based on feedback from hundreds of operators to ensure continuous operation at full-load in industrial environments. One feature of the ozonia CFV range is the fused dielectric tube which makes improves reliability, reduces downtime and allows easy remote service and operation.

ozonia CFVs are fully integrated on a skid with the ozone generator, power supply, PLC control system, process related control equipment and interconnections. The PLC and optional bus system ensures flexible operation and integration into any type of plant concepts.


  • Ozone production rate capacity up to 25.7 kgO3/h 
  • High ozone concentration at full-load
  • Robust design, high reliability and long service life
  • Skid mounted footprint for easy integration
  • Minimized maintenance and service requirements
  • Choice of PLC with user friendly interface and optional bus
  • Water cooled ozone generation vessel
  • Available using oxygen or air feed gas


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